Ladybird is one of Europe’s largest bridal names and have designed dresses for every bride, whether you want a slim fishtail, ballgown or boho, they will have a dress for you. The fabric, fit and design is amazing which is why we have them in our store.
Ladybird designs bridal gowns for the contemporary bride, a wedding dress with international allure! Because every bride is unique. Some are attracted to a “no-nonsense” design without bells or whistles. Other brides are searching for a more extravagant wedding dress with lots of tulle, lace, pearls and striking applications. Ladybird carries all these different styles in its elegant bridal collection. Every Ladybird wedding dress is always surprising, filled with style and character. The wedding dress frames each bride’s body, accentuating the right points and supporting her personality.
Price range £699 to £1500

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